Inspirations – Collette Divitto’s Amazing Cookies

It’s sad to say but individuals with disabilities often have a more difficult time finding a job than those who don’t. Enter Collette Divitto of Boston, a 26-year-old young lady with Down syndrome, who has a passion for baking, refusing to be beat by the lack of employment opportunities and who decided to do something outstanding – start her own cookie company.

After coming up with her own cookie recipe, Collette’s family and friends convinced her to take a leap of faith and sell her cookies, thus establishing her chapter in life as Colletteys Cookies.

In searching for her first account she won the hearts of owner Stephen DeAngelis and store manager Jesse Powers of a local Golden Goose Market in her area and they became her first account to carry her cookies where they are quite popular and sell out fast.

Not only do they sell them, they also give her space in their kitchen to help her fulfill orders. Collette also rents space from CommonWealth Kitchen, a business located in Dorchester, MA that provides kitchen facilities, production services and other startup help to aspiring food entrepreneurs. In 2016 alone, she fulfilled about 60,000 orders.

Collette Divitto is truly a model inspiration to show that people with disabilities can achieve amazing things. Her advice is simple, don’t give up and live your dreams.

To learn more about her amazing story or follow along with what Collettey’s Cookies is up to, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or you can help contribute by visiting their GoFundMe page.


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