Rising Tide Car Wash Changing Employment Opportunities for People with Autism

Receiving huge amounts of applications a year, washing over 100,000 cars each year and where 90 percent of the employees are on the autism spectrum, Rising Tide Car Wash is a business built on a primary mission of employing adults with autism.

Started in 2013, Rising Tide Car Wash was started by John D’Eri in 2013 after concern about opportunities for his son’s employment future. D’Eri’s son, Andrew, now into his later 20’s, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.

There are many of us parents who worry about the future for our kids with autism because we know their opportunities in the workforce are low to next to non-existent. People with autism do not understand a lot of life’s difficulties, challenges, situations, perspectives and they often struggle socially.

What D’Efri has accomplished is to show that giving people with autism a chance is a success but his mission does not end with Rising Tide Car Wash, he is also a global advocate for those with autism and has been on TEDx Talks, has done seminars, and has spoken at the United Nations.

D’Eri is a great voice, changing the way autistic people are viewed as well as focusing on their contributions and capabilities. People, especially parents like John D’Eri, should be an inspiration to us all.


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